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Have you tried to invoice a bill and received an invoice error?
You need to contact the Customer Service department of the station that owns the HAWB or Pickup.
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If the issue is not resolved after you have contacted the responsible station then
Are you receiving an invoicing error?
Do you have a question about how to use the application?
Do you need additional user IDs and passwords?
Did you get an error when entering a charge?
Have you turned your popup blocker off but still cannot print?
Are you having trouble getting to the website?
Are you having a technical problem with the website?
Ask the ASC Group to enter a Helpdesk Ticket.
Do you need to add a new item to your tariff or get approval to change an existing tariff?
Do you have questions regarding an existing tariff?
Are your current tariffs not matching those entered in your ASC profile?
Do you have new employees that need to be trained on how to use the Agent Service Center?
Are you a new Agent Service Center User, and need additional guidance to supplement initial training?
Do you have a suggestion that would enhance the application to better serve your needs?
Have you viewed the Agent Service Center FAQ's to find answers to the most common questions?
Do you need to request an ASC Training Session?
Do you have a general comment or compliment?
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Helpdesk:    (800) 766 - 8300 ext. 5915
Main:    (800) 766 - 8300
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